SEA076 Fibbla

Fibbla has completed 6 missions and spent 139 days at sea.
Fibbla has recorded 8,965 vertical profiles, covering a total vertical distance of 943,794 m. This is equivalent to diving to the deepest part of the ocean and back 43 times.
If Fibbla's wings were capable of operating in a vacuum, it could have flown to the International Space Station and back 1.2 times.


Mission Location Project Duration (days) Start Link
13 Northern Baltic Proper, Eastern Gotland Basin CABLE 32 2023-01-13 M13
8 Bornholm Basin NS_Bornholm 14 2022-10-05 M8
9 Bornholm Basin NS_Bornholm 10 2022-10-20 M9
16 Eastern Gotland Basin, Northern Baltic Proper SAMBA 34 2023-04-11 M16
17 Western Gotland Basin SAMBA 37 2023-06-20 M17
19 Western Gotland Basin SAMBA 8 2023-09-06 M19